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​About using this website

Regarding the use of this website, please read the following terms of use and use this website only if you agree to these terms. By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following conditions.

Copyright Policy

The copyright of the content on this website (photos, logo marks, videos, information/materials/images/audio, text, etc.) belongs to our company or content suppliers.Any use of these contents (duplication, diversion, alteration, sale, distribution, publication, posting on the Web or other media, etc.) beyond the scope permitted by copyright law, such as personal use, is prohibited without the prior permission of Our Company or the copyright holder.

While we make every effort to verify and exercise utmost care in publishing information on this website, we do not guarantee the validity, accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the content, nor do we assume any responsibility. The content and URLs on this website may be changed or discontinued without notice. Additionally, we do not guarantee the security of using the content on this website (occurrence of errors, proper functioning of each feature, correction of issues, prevention of intrusion of computer viruses or other harmful elements into this site or server). Irrespective of the cause of legal claims, we shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses, or disadvantages arising from the use of this website in any circumstances. Furthe
rmore, we disclaim any liability for any damages incurred due to the inability to access this website.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Any act that infringes upon or has the potential to infringe upon the property or privacy of third parties or our company is strictly prohibited.

  • Actions that may cause harm or damage to third parties or our company, or have the potential to do so, are strictly prohibited.

  • Actions that damage or tarnish the reputation or credibility of third parties or our company are strictly prohibited.

  • Actions that violate public order and morals, or have the potential to do so, are strictly prohibited.

  • Criminal acts or actions that could lead to criminal behavior, or have the potential to do so, are strictly prohibited.

  • Activities intended for commercial purposes or aimed at generating profit, or actions preparing for such purposes, are strictly prohibited.

  • Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or engaging in actions that may pose a risk of doing so, is strictly prohibited.

  • Any act that violates laws, regulations, or ordinances, or actions that may pose a risk of doing so, is strictly prohibited.

  • Any other actions that our company deems inappropriate are also prohibited.

Regarding Your Usage Environment

We recommend using the following browsers to access this website. Please note that if you use a browser other than those recommended, certain content may not function correctly. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Operating System

  • Windows 8.1/8/7

  • Apple Mac OS X


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer latest version

  • Mozilla Firefox latest version

  • Google Chrome latest version

  • Apple Safari latest version

Additionally, the following settings need to be configured

  • Enable JavaScript

  • Enable Cookie usage

  • Enable Stylesheets"

If you wish to view or print PDF files, you will need software such as Adobe Reader. For a more enjoyable experience on our website, certain content uses JavaScript. Please be aware that if JavaScript is not enabled (turned on) in your browser settings, some content may not display correctly or may not be accessible.

Regarding links to our website

You do not need to inform us specifically regarding links to our website. However, we do not permit links from sites that contain the following content.

Content that defames or disparages our company or third parties, or content created with the intention of damaging our or third parties' reputation, as well as content intended to infringe upon intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks owned by our company or third parties, is strictly prohibited from linking to our website.

Regarding Product Photos

For some of our products, you may find instances where other products are used as examples in combination with the featured item. Please be aware of this possibility when viewing our product images.
Regarding Product Colors and Designs

Please note that the colors of the products displayed on this website may appear different due to variations in individual computer monitor settings, environmental factors during product photography, and other circumstances. Kindly be aware that slight differences in design, specifications, colors, and other aspects may occur due to changes in product specifications. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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