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Premium filter 「KANI」
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What's New

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New item info
●11.13 E60-67mm step up ring
●11.07 Premium CPL 0# 150x150mm

●10.30 Magnetic CPL 0# set for HT100IV
●10.13 Streak Pink 49mm/46mm
●10.3  KANI Shopping Bag / KANI Shopping Bag 3pcs 

●9.22 Streak Rainbow 82mm
9.22 Streak Pink 82mm/77mm/72mm/67mm
.15 Chocolate Nostalgia No.1 58mm/49mm/
●9.15 Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 58mm/49mm/
●9.11 Filter Frame 100x100mm (for HT100 IV)
●9.11 Filter Frame 100x150mm (for HT100 IV)

9.11 Filter Case inner pad Red (Vertical type)
●9.2 White Premium mist No.3 150x150mm
●9.2  Chocolate Nostalgia No.1 72mm

●9.2  Chocolate Nostalgia No.2 72mm
●8.29 HT100 IV HolderFilter Frame Set /
CPL set CPL + Filter Frame

8.23 High-quality frame + original print
●8.23 Frame + original prints
●8.19 ND 2-64 Variable + CPL 52mm
●8.14 Partial Black Premium Mist No.4 100x150mm
●8.13 ND10000 82mm / 77mm 
●8.13 5 in 1 Oval Reflector
HASEO filter 49mm

●8.11 LPRF 72mm
●7.31 Premium Soft GND 1.8 100x150mm
●7.26 Calendar(23.8~24.7)with inner frame

●7.26 Calendar(23.8~24.7)with photo frame
●7.24 KANI Arrange Sticker set
●7.15 150mm Holder for SIGMA 14mm 1.4 DG DN|Art
●7.15 150mm Adapter for SIGMA 14mm 1.4 DG DN|Art
●7.14 Protect Filter HT100-82 Adapter Ring for HT100mm Holder
●7.8 UV IR CUT 112mm
●7.5 Camera Rain Cover AC-006 Black/Green
●6.23 SkyBlue Dual Purpose GND 0.6
●6.17 Mr.Koji Ueda/Ms.Komuromiho Photo Book(MONO GRAPHY Vol.4)
●6.13 Photo Exbition 2023 Soft Cover(7 colors)

●6.13 Photo Exbition 2023 Soft Cover (4 colors)
●6.13 Photo Exbition 2023 (Kindle Version )
●6.13 Photo Exbition 2023 Hard Cover(7 colors)
●6.11 Streak Yellow Filter 82/67/62/58/52/49mm
 Softbox/Umbrella Set  supervised By Mr. Hirotaka Okamoto
●6.7 CDF No.2 105mm

KANI Filter Seminar

KANI Catalogue 

KANI Catalogue(PDF) Sep.2023

The latest KANI filter catalog is available for download. Please save the icon link. (approx. 2.4MB)


Photographer's  report




About Loca Universal Design

Loca Universal Design  was established by the founder, a landscape photography enthusiast, who fell in love with the excellent performance of KANI square filters he encountered overseas and established the company to handle them in Japan.
KANI Filter started when the representative of KANI, a photographer, felt that conventional square filters were not enough and tied up with an engineer from a former major manufacturer. It took about five years to complete everything without compromising performance and quality down to the smallest detail and send out the first product. Loca Universal Design is deeply involved in the planning and development of KANI products and serves as the sole distributor in Japan.
KANI always requires its staff to have a thorough knowledge of photography, and in the development of its products, KANI listens to photographers' opinions as much as possible in pursuit of the best products. We continue to develop our products without compromising on the performance demanded by professionals, with an emphasis on specifications that can be used for long periods of time in the hard field, and with as little manufacturing cost as possible.
We also emphasize word-of-mouth sales of our products without advertising as much as possible, and by not distributing our products, we are able to keep the selling price low and achieve high cost performance even if the cost of goods is high.
We also offer selected products other than KANI brand products that can be recommended by our staff members who know the products inside and out. We do not carry any products that we are unsure about in terms of quality or after-sales support.
We will continue to value the passion we put into our products and will continue to make and sell good products with passion.


For inquiries, please contact here!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

Loca Universal Design & Design & Loca Design Planning Co. Ltd.


Office and  Show Room     
〒 180-0004 , Kichijoji Honcho, 2-11-13- 903~905 , 
Musashino City,Tokyo, Japan

〒 177-0054 , Tatsuno-cho, Nerima-ku, 16-28 Tokyo , Japan
Tel: 03-6339-1284 / 070-3226-1284

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