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KANI Filter Photo Contest 2023 Application Guidelines (5th)


Theme: Works using filter work


Application format: Single photo, up to 5 photos per person


Application conditions

・Photos must be taken by the applicant using filter work using KANI filter products, and must be works for which the applicant owns the copyright. (Check from sales history)

・This contest will evaluate works that effectively utilize filter work.

・Those who have Japanese nationality or have contact information in Japan

Application reception:2023YearFourMonth8Day~FiveMonth7Day 

Awards and prizes:
All 40 winners will receive an A2-sized framed print (including the frame, equivalent to the regular price of 30,000 yen) used in the photo exhibition.

1 gold prize: 100,000 yen

3 silver prizes: 50,000 yen coupon (can be used for products available on the Roca Design website)

5 Bronze Prizes: 30,000 yen coupon (can be used for products available on the Roca Design website)

Manufacturer Award Coming Soon

Honorable mention: KANI QUO card 1000 yen

Total 40 points

The 40 award-winning works will be exhibited at the KANI Photo Exhibition 2022 (scheduled to be held at more than 5 locations nationwide), with 30 professional entries and a total of 70 entries.

How to apply: Apply via email attachment

Apply To Ito

・How to name files

The basic format is applicant's real name (author's name) - serial number - filter name.jpg.

Example Kani Taro-1-PremiumSoftGND0.9

Kani Taro-2-PremiumSoftGND0.9

*If you have the artist's name, write it in parentheses immediately after the applicant's real name.

*Serial numbers are listed from 1 to 5.

・About the resolution of the submitted work

JPEG format, RGB color, 3600 pixels or more on the long side and 2400 pixels or more on the short side (approximately 8.5 million pixels), and the maximum file size for each image is 5MB. *Please do not include the author's signature or watermark in the submitted work.

*If the above requirements are not met, the application will not be subject to review.

・About submission of data for production of prints for exhibition after being selected

After award winners are determined, we will ask the winners to submit additional RAW data with higher resolution for use in printed matter related to this contest announcement or enlarged prints for exhibitions.

*If we are unable to respond to your submission, we may cancel your award and display at the exhibition.

*If the organizer determines that the submitted data does not meet the quality required for exhibition prints, such as enlarged data with significantly insufficient resolution, the winning entry and exhibition of the work may be canceled.

・Prohibition of submitting previously published works and duplicate submissions

The submitted work must be unpublished. Works that have won prizes or are currently being submitted (including simultaneous submissions) in other contests are prohibited.

*There is no problem with works published on blogs or SNS operated by the applicant.

・Copyright of the winning work and post-selection regulations

Although the copyright belongs to the applicant, priority use is granted for use in our commercial activities.

*This does not apply to the posting of winning works on SNS or blogs operated by the applicant.

(The posting date and time will be determined after the release of our results announcement video)

*Winning works will not be allowed to apply to other contests, etc. in principle.

*If you wish to use the winning work in other media, there is no need to contact us. However, please inform the publisher that the work was selected for this photo contest and obtain their consent before using it.

*If the submitted work infringes on the portrait rights, copyrights, or other rights of a third party, the applicant will be responsible for resolving the issue.

*It goes without saying that laws and regulations (including local ordinances) must be complied with when filming, but works that are suspected of being filmed from prohibited areas will not be subject to review.

*Works that harm or manipulate animals, plants, or nature during filming will not be subject to review.

About image processing of submitted works

 Regarding image processing after the submitted work has been photographed, please do not deviate from the following range.

- Brightness, contrast, color adjustment, etc.

・Removes the reflection of dirt and dust attached to the image sensor.

・Necessary and minimum trimming with purposeful expression.

・Minimum sharpness processing deemed necessary.

・Entries may be rejected due to excessive image processing (saturation, contrast, sharpness, clarity, etc.).

・Prohibition of composition processing

As a general rule, compositing during image processing after shooting is prohibited.

Excludes multiple exposure photography and expressions that are impossible without post-processing (depth composition, comparative composition of celestial bodies, etc.).

Examples of prohibition

- Changing the position, increasing or decreasing, or erasing celestial bodies such as the moon and the sun, natural objects such as birds and animals, trees and rocks, artificial objects such as ships, aircraft, vehicles, and buildings, and people such as passersby and models. Such as compositing things that don't exist on the shooting site.

- Replacement of sky, clouds, ground, water surface, sea surface, etc. from different shooting locations.

*If you violate regulations due to synthetic processing, we may ask you to refrain from applying to our future photo contests.


Coming Soon

Photo exhibition period and venue:

Coming Soon

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